Made Spanish donuts!! #delish

Made Spanish donuts!! #delish

// Think a Little Brighter//

Just a mixer of emotions,
a mess of true divine.
Hollowed in to the deepest root
Hooked on a casted line.

Trying to find the key
That fits the right lock
Is like trying to find a grave
Or the other missing sock.

The right key, the wrong door.
The wrong lock is open
The misfortunes unfold again
All that’s left is hoping.

The hour glass keeps turning
The sand will always fall
But glass begins to shatter
Between every wrong call.

Mistakes are bitter scars,
ones that never fade.
The ones that lead to questions
The ones always made.

The rain will fall
And the sun will rise
Tired faces will greet the day
With tearful eyes.

Hopscotch lovers sharing smiles
Leaves a bitter taste.
They’ve found their missing piece
Nothing to waste.

We’re running low on errors,
We’re running low on time
Always on the edge to run
The rage is so sublime.

Ignorant to the truth
They chose to be so cruel
Unaware of the damage made
Unaware that it’s true.

We’re all stumbling through this life
So think a little brighter
Take my hand in the dark
I will be your lighter.

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// All that’s left//

Just a minute, just a moment. Multiplied by thousands. Adding up to eons of silence. Boiling emotions and things left unsaid. Right fighters and nay sayers. Stacks of time wasted unwanted and worthless. Turn out the lights and turn to the back to keep from being seen. The tears and empty disappointment. The glee and smiles fade away. Too busy too bothered too focused on paper and ink. Too buried in rotten wood and black rain to see, to notice, to take a minute to breathe. Where is the laughter and heart to heart chatter? The honesty and giggles that lead to pleas and promises. The missing pieces of what use to be leave holes in the painting once painted by two. And then the rains come, washing away what was beautiful at one point. All that’s left are bleeding hearts and bad dreams. Unanswered calls and cries. All that’s left is painful silence

// It’s meow or never//

Swishing tails and fluffy paws.

Big green eyes and sharp little claws.

Something so small captures my heart.

All the kitties are works of art.

They leap about without a care.

Getting tangled in ribbons, and tangled in hair.

Each little kitten has a special love.

And I just want to give them a hug.

They’re soft and cuddly to the touch.

Some don’t look like much.

But I love them all just the same.

Though some are unruly and some are tame.

Call me crazy, call me obsessed,

But it’s kitties that I love the best.

They won’t call you names or break your heart.

They love you from the very start.

And that’s why I hold cats so dear,

Never has one made me shed a tear.




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// Letters from Germany //

I found you in your written words.
Between your commas and the slope of your name.
I found your smile in your crossed t’s and dotted I’s
your subtle hints in the spaces of letters and the spines of your capitals.
You answered all my questions. Even the ones I never asked.
The way your letters formed my name across the page touched my heart.
And I knew

There are no boundaries in the space of your dreams